Sunday, 29 January 2017

My January Reads!

I got quite a bit of reading done this month, in between writing and university work, which is awesome.

This month consisted of reading books i'd gotten for Christmas, so most didn't actually come out this month. Also, for some reason they're mostly adult novels. But anyway, here they are:

Image result for all the light we cannot see

First of all, I read All The Light We Cannot See by Anthony Doerr. This WWII novel is Pulitzer Prize winner, as well as many other awards so I was excited to see what made it so award-worthy.

What I found so amazing about reading this is that one of the main characters, Marie-Laure, is blind and Doerr managed to describe the way she interacts and sees the world so perfectly. It might sound silly, but as I was reading from her point of view I could really imagine how being blind would be. It was a strange sensation to jolt out from when the chapter changed.

I totally think this book should be classed as a Young Adult novel. The book follows the two main characters from childhood into their teen years!

Image result for wayfarer brackenNext, I read Wayfarer by Alexandra Bracken.

I think I need to reread Passenger and Wayfarer because I adore Bracken's other series (The Darkest Minds) but this one has never really grabbed me in the same way. Maybe I was in a funny mood when reading it. I did enjoy the books and I love her writing but for me it didn't stand out.

(That cover is still stunning though, right?)

Image result for essex serpentThen I read The Essex Serpent by Sarah Perry.

This was the Waterstones Book of the Year 2016, so I had to check it out!

The Essex Serpent is a really uniquely told story, Perry's writing is phenomenal.
The book is a book about friendship. Building them, breaking them, how hard you have to work to keep them, how easy some can seem...

It really deserves its award and I would recommend this to anyone who loves a good Victorian read.

Image result for little life hanya coverThe second to last book I I read was the longest and hardest to read. I don't mean hard in the sense that it was boring or dense. I mean emotionally hard to read. That book was A Little Life by Hanya Yanigihara.

This book.
This book will stay with me forever. For the first time ever reading a book, I thought 'I love this book so much but I will never read it again'. That was when I was in the middle of a tough part. Usually I want to reread books I love.

A Little Life is a hugely emotionally draining book. I have read many, many books. I have cried at many, many books. But none have made me feel so completely sad. You might ask why the hell I kept on reading and this review from the San Francisco Chronicle explains is perfectly:
'How often is a novel so deeply disturbing that you might find yourself weeping, and yet so revelatory about human kindness that you might also feel touched by grace?'
Image result for wires and nerve
The last book I read I wasn't expecting to finish this month but I flew through it in about an hour.

Wires and Nerve by Marissa Meyer (Art by Doug Holgate) is a graphic novel set in the Lunar Chronicles universe. It felt so great to have more new things from the characters, I really hope Meyer keeps giving us little extras so we never have to say a final farewell to those awesome characters.

 Even though the way the characters are drawn isn't how I imagined them, I still loved the art style!
This is totally a must-read for any Lunar Chronicles fan!

Wednesday, 18 January 2017

January Releases I CANNOT wait for!

IT'S 2017!!!!! *blows little party trumpet*

I still have no idea where 2016 went, I swear its only been two minutes since we were saying bye to 2015.

But I am glad it is January because some awesomeeeee books are being released this month, and I can't wait for to see them in all their finished glory!

Those books are:
Image result for caravel garber
Caraval by Stephanie Garber

This book man. This book. If you like:
1) Delicious descriptions.
2) Mysterious hosts
3) Great female leads.
4) Sister relationships.
5) The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern.
6) Losing your mind because you cannot figure out the mystery. You think you have it and then OH! No you don't!
7) Food
8) Gorgeous covers. (because you're a sucker for a pretty cover like me)

Basically, you need this book in your life. You do.

Released: January 27th

Image result for dark days pactThe Dark Days Pact by Alison Goodman

This is the second book in the series, the first being The Dark Days Club.

I don't have enough good words to say about this series. It is superb. It's everything you want in a series, a brilliantly researched regency setting, a gripping storyline, a great cast of secondary characters, a wonderful heroine, a handsome hero and a slow burn romance between them.

They changed the covers for the series to have a model on them, which I should be angry about, but I love to series too much to complain!

Image result for windwitch dennard
Windwitch by Susan Dennard

The second book in the Witchlands series is out now!
After the head spinning events of Truthwitch (the first book!) we're back with Safi, Iseult, Merik and Aeduan. You slip right back into this world and are immediately whisked away on one of Merik's winds.

Also: loooook, another pretty coverrrr.

Image result for wayfarer brackenWayfarer by Alexandra Bracken


That's all that really needs to be said. Has that convinced you to read it?

Again, this is a second book, but therefore last book in a duology.

This books are especially exciting because they don't just visit one time period in their adventures. No, they transport you all over time, WWII London, the Russian Revolution, even into an alternate timeline...

Wayfarer is out now!
Image result for dawn study maria v snyder
Dawn Study by Maria V Snyder

Dawn Study is the last book in Snyder's trilogy, which completes a trilogy of trilogies set in this world. Does that make sense? It's complicated.

If you've never heard of Maria V Snyder since she's a lesser known author, I highly recommend you look her up. Start with Poison Study or Touch of Power.

If you like fantasy, super-duper awesome female leads and series that have a spin off series featuring characters from the original series that soothe the ache of missing them, then you'll love the study series!