Friday, 5 September 2014


To celebrate Heir of Fire's upcoming release, I will be giving away a Throne of Glass tote bag ( ITS SO PRETTYYY) and some super-awesome bookmarks- perfect for using when reading...and rereading the ToG series!

This is my first giveaway- so I hope you all like! Im very excited for this!

Sorry international people but this ones only open to UK residents because of postage costs.

REMEMBER: Heir of Fire is released in the UK on September 11th!! GO PREORDER!! and then prepare yourself to re-join Celaena in her keep a box of tissues handy...

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  1. Of course I'm Team Chaol and love Celaena!

  2. Love Celeana, Team Chaol, And as my favorite thing I chose a quote "No. I can survive well enough on my own- if given the proper reading material."

  3. Love this series. So want a tote bag