Thursday, 13 August 2015

My top 5 things about:


  1. The authors – I thought id just make this a general point otherwise my top 5 things would just be the names of authors. All the authors who went to YALC were so happy to be there to talk about their books and so lovely to speak to. I got so many books signed that I just love to take off my shelves and look at.

  1. The people – It was absolutely THE best thing to get to meet fellow book-lovers. Every one was so excited to talk to each other. YALC is so important to allow book-lovers to meet and make friends. When I was in school no one read books, I was the odd one out. I’d rather go to a book signing than on a night out drinking. YALC allows you to meet people who are just as passionate and not feel like the odd one out as you and make lifelong friends to talk over Twitter etc. You see you’re not alone in your love and it’s an amazing thing. I hope YALC continued to grow and grow.

  1. The cosplays – There were some AMAZING cosplays walking around, from Shadowhunters to the Walking Dead cast to Voldemort, there was everything. So much time and effort had gone into costumes and it totally paid off. It made me want to up my game for next year (I went as Celaena Sardothien this year).

  1. FREE STUFF – FREE STUFF EVERYWHERE. I just grabbed it alllll.

  1. The openness – YALC was a floor above London Film and Comic Con and boy was it packed down there. It was hot and loud and very cramped in places. Sometimes there were big queues just to use the stairs. But in YALC it was open, you had room to breathe, and not too cramped so it didn’t get too hot. There were places to sit, which I thought was brilliant to help people who suffer from anxiety, they really catered for everyone.




  1. I love that picture of you with Lucy Saxon as Cap :)
    I agree that all the authors were so lovely and there were just so many awesome booklovers around. It's nice to see such a concentrated amount... haha.
    You still up for an Aelin/Maeve cosplay next year? ;)

    1. Thanks! Lucy's costumes were just amazinggg
      It totally was, it was almost strange that everyone you spoke too was a booklover and HELL YESSSSS :p