Thursday, 2 June 2016

A Court of Mist and Fury By Sarah J Maas

This is what I wrote straight after finishing ACOMAF:
I am a puddle on the floor right now. Drowning in emotions. I have NO regrets about staying up until 3:45 to finish.
I have no idea how Sarah manages to write two books a year that are the size of bricks, like does she sleep? Or does drinking reader tears mean you never have to sleep? (I’m just jealous really)

My thoughts are flying around my head right now, in no particular order so these are all my scrambled emotions and thoughts about the book:

As soon as Lucien went to interact with Elain, I was like OHOHOH!  I’m thinking this will be the thing that pushes Lucien over the line of not-defying-Tamlin? Throughout this I wanted to shake him and be like you can clearly see whats going on, don’t just sit back but also hug him and tell him it was okay to challenge his best friend/High Lord. 
I'm so excited to see what Elain and Nesta are like as Fae and how they handle it. Cassian can give Nesta a hand getting used to it ;)

The Weaver was such a creepy fairytale addition.  And the Bone Carver! That part was chilling! I think these two were the things that made the world feel so old and rich with history.
The world just became so much bigger and more intricate (which kinda links into the fact that all Feyre really saw in ACOTAR was a small part of the Spring Court, she was limited and now she’s free to decide who she wants to be). The descriptions of all the places were so vivid. I was actually having to blink hard to pull myself out when I was stopping reading. Can I pleaseeeeee just move to the Velaris right now? ( It reminds me of Tolkiens Gondolin!)  
I feel like Amren at the minute is the Tom Bombadil of Prythian. She’s a powerful mystery.
The expansion of different cultures of Fae, like the Illyrians was so interesting.
The dynamic between Cassian, Azriel and Morrigan was just brilliant. You can really feel the years and years of their bond and how woven their lives were together. Even I had trouble trying to pin just what was going on between them because they’re just so complex. I could cry over the whole family-friendship between the whole group, I just want to join them! Feyre’s friendships that she made with each of them was lovely, they each accepted and welcomed her. Their protectiveness over their little group was so great. Her friendships with each of them were all different. I thought Lucien was a great secondary character and BOOM you gave us those three (and Amren).
I think Morrigan is my new favourite just because of how friendly and positive a person she is despite all that’s happened to her as well as being so strong and badass.  
Varian and Amren seem like a strange pairing and I LOVE it. Even though they’re both immortal, she feels a lot older and wiser than him. I can’t wait to see what happens with them, I need more of them. Their dancing and feigned nonchalance around each other makes me laugh.

I did want to scream at Tamlin to let her go and find someone who he can fall in love with and be a mate with. Someone that would be able to understand help him deal with his own struggles that he's clearly dealing with, like Rhys did for Feyre.
I can’t help but keep thinking about what if the roles were reversed? If Feyre was in Tamlin’s position, Feyre and us readers wouldn’t believe it and want to save him. We’d cheer Feyre on to save him from being mind controlled, or what we thought was mind control. So on one hand I’m like TAMLIN NO! and on the other I understand some of his actions (I understand him trying to 'save her' but the way he's going about it is SO SO wrong.) because he truly doesn’t believe its her own choice. (And yet he himself wouldn’t let her make her own choices- i'm so Team Feyre to be awesomely independent and stand up for herself.)

The events of ACOTAR bled so well into ACOMAF in that at the end of ACOTAR, for me you could already see the strain on Feyre and Tamlin’s relationship after what they’d been through. I feel like it cant really be called a love triangle, because Feyre doesn’t thinks she’s in love with both of them and has to choose, she falls out of love with Tamlin and then into love with Rhys. From the beginning the strain is there and when Tamlin sort of ignores its there and doesn’t see what’s happening to Feyre, you just know he has to turn it around fast otherwise he’ll lose her. It’s up to both of them to try to help and ‘fix’ each other. But when he locked her up, you could see he wasn’t going to try to change for her, which isn’t healthy for either of them. I don’t think then readers will immediately go ‘oh its clearly Rhys she’ll pick’ it more feels like she’s just free to chose and to go and find herself. The slow build between Rhys and her was beautiful. It was flirty and sexy and yet instead of being HOTHOTHOT straight away just simmered nicely and allowed them both to build this amazing friendship and really get to know each other and see that their natures are really well suited to each other before deciding anything else. She could discover whether she did want to spend the rest of her life with him.  This meant that when they do get together their love just feels so deep and genuine. I think it’s when you read about the love building between Rhys and Feyre that when you look back at ACOTAR and question things. Feyre and Tamlin were just about forced together because of the curse and they didn’t have a chance to discover whether they truly, truly loved each other that complete and utter unending love that mates have.
And also, although the end was devastating because they’re separated, they’re not truly separated and they have such a deep faith in each other that Im just cheering them on like ‘YOU CAN DO THIS’.
Also: the notes they send to each other made me GRIN so much.
The sex was so so well written. I loved the way at the beginning, it may have been hot between Feyre and Tamlin but as if became the only thing they really shared it was empty; they didn’t have the feelings there. Compare it to Rhys and Feyre which had so much emotion and love, it was so different. I was smiling so much at parts like when she was sitting on his lap in the Hewn City and thinking ‘I hope nobody looks over my shoulder to see why im smiling’.
I’m so in love with Rhys whose character development, like Feyre’s was insane. Im looking forward to his POV in the next book, which I assume we’ll get?  He deserves all the love. You could see why they are mates he just perfectly understood Feyre, what she needed and when she needed it. I really want a spin-off of just the two of them living happily and having babies together.
Best of all, the romance side didn’t totally overshadow the main plotline- it strengthened it!

ACOMAF deserves every single star in the universe. 

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