Wednesday, 24 August 2016


I have THE MOST EXCITING news to share. Some of the best news ever. EVER. I am officially an advocate for The Bone Season aka one of my favourite series in the entire world.

If you haven't yet read The Bone Season, I highly recommend you go pick it up because your life just isn't complete without it. True story. And if you pick up both The Bone Season and the sequel The Mime Order you should be finished them by the time the third book, The Song Rising is released early next year.

I found out I was going to be an advocate yesterday. I'd gotten home from a hard days work, and of course went to check Twitter. There I saw a few people tweeting about their own excitement at being chosen to be an advocate. My heart both started beating extra fast and dropped to my feet. People had started being chosen?! I was so nervous that I wouldn't have been picked, but I hadn't checked my email yet. But just waiting for me was that oh so special email, blessing me with it's presence. I may have squealed, I may have half cried a little. I'm certainly going to keep that email forever, It's now precious to me.

I also get to share something awesome with you: THE PRELUDE FOR THE SONG RISING. You can read below... (spoilers, obviously...)

 HOW EXCITING RIGHT? What a way to start off! It always feels a little surreal when you get something new from one of your favourite series of books after you've been rereading the previous books for so long. I JUST WANT MORE NOWWW.

What did you think?
Jaxon makes me so conflicted. He's so horrible and things would be so much easier if he were removed from the death. But he's somehow become the only 'evil' character that I don't want to die. I LOVE every scene he's in. He's such an amazingly crafted character. I'm so excited to see what he gets up to in The Song Rising!

Laura x

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